Family Life Ministry

The Couples Ministry of First Baptist Church known as Marriage Works meets together in engaging activities, outings and interactive instruction, building in the emphasis that Marriage still works.

Empower H.E.R
The purpose of the Empower H.E.R. Ministry of The First Baptist Church is to meet the needs of women in the church and community.
It is our goal to transform continually, into women who love God with their whole heart, soul, mind and strength, and who love others as God commanded.
Our women’s ministry encourages the women to connect and establish meaningful relationships within the church through accountability and acceptance.
We are committed to build unity among the women where all can discover their God-given gifts and talents and ultimately extend beyond our congregation to reach unsaved women for Christ

The Jewels of The First Baptist Church are a distinguished group that have reach the age of 70 years and older. We honor their strength, love, and wisdom. The First Baptist Church celebrates 50 Jewels in our fellowship. “With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding. With him is wisdom and strength, he hath counsel and understanding.” Job 12:12-13

Men for Christ
The Men for Christ Ministry motivates and inspires the men of God in First Baptist Church of Bay Shore to participate in various functions that are fundamental to the operation of the church.

Youth Ministry
First Baptist Church Youth Ministry encourages our Youth through God’s guidance and fellowships! To God be the Glory!

Health Concerns
The Health Concerns Ministry ministers to our fellow congregants and community by distributing and making available information that concern our health. This is achieved with the cooperation and collaboration of local community partners that offer programs that address health issues to improve our quality of life, that we might live the abundant life as promised by God in John 10:10b.

Travel Committee
The First Baptist Church Travel Committee encourages our First Baptist Church family to fellowship together and with the community at large. This committee organizes various trips, outings and sometimes Broadway Plays during the year for the First Baptist Church membership.