Church History 21st Century

Our History – 21st Century


January 9th, Ministers Alfred C. Weeks and Bruce Edmonds were ordained as Elders of the church.
February 14th, Sister Teresa Spencer was licensed to preach the Gospel.
First Baptist participated with the other Christian churches in the community in the Lenten Services.
Pastor Brown, Deacon Leroy Behling, Deaconess Virginia Bull and Missionary Frances Flippen visited our sister church in St. Andros, Bahamas.
The Evacuation committee put an Emergency Evacuation Plan in place.
Sister Shirley Zeno and Brother Jason Corbett were licensed to preach the Gospel.
In November, Elder Willie Pearl Manning was appointed assistant to the Pastor.
Partitions were installed in the lower auditorium.
In August, Pastor Brown returned to the Bahamas and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate


In February, Sister Boney’s property was purchased, demolished and included as church property.


The Deacon Board instituted the Deacon Family Ministry Plan to better served the growing needs of the church.
The church adopted the First Baptist Church of Bay Shores policies, procedures and guidelines for use of all church properties.


An Amendment to the By-laws was made to give the nominating committee enough time to present the slate of church officers to the church for election. Each Auxiliary would present a representative to the nominating committee by the June business meeting.
First Baptist hosted two young adults as interns for the summer sponsored by the Home Mission Board National Baptist Convention Summer Intern Fellowship Program.
July 6th, Sister Elizabeth Miller was licensed to preach.
The sound system was upgraded and the new wall-to-wall carpeting was installed.
The interior of the church was painted and two cameras were installed to show the pulpit area. Persons in the downstairs area would be able to view the services in the sanctuary.
A political action committee was organized by Sister Mary Reid and the Men for Christ Ministry which afforded First Baptist to become more informed of the candidates running for office in Suffolk County.
In September, Brother Robert Kenyatta Meyers was licensed to preach.
First Baptist Church purchased the Belfield Property.


In January the benefit package for the full time employees (Pastor, Secretary and Custodian) was upgraded
First Baptist Church became a member of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc.
The Youth Council celebrated their first Anniversary as a reorganized and active Youth Group. They celebrated a active year of spiritual, educational and fun activities.
In September, Brothers: Lloyd Rose, James Smith, Willie Hobbs and Samuel Brown were included on the First Baptist Church Deacon Board as Walking Deacons.
In September, the First Baptist Church (FBC) Travel Fellowship Committee was established. Their aim is to organize and bring enjoyable Christian fellowship to our church through travel.
In December, after over 37 years of service, Elder Willie Pearl Manning stepped down as musician of the Angelic and Sunshine Choirs to be devoted to full-time preaching and teaching ministry.


A 33-passenger bus was purchased.
The church made a donation to Jamaica and Grenada, West Indies and received a thank you card in appreciation for the support given for the Hurricane that damaged their land.
All the computers and the server were upgraded.
A full-time lead musician was hired
A part-time assistant custodian and assistant secretary were hired.
New Air conditioners were purchased.
The Health Concerns Committee brought to our congregation A Health Forum with qualified physicians and specialist to address the health issues that are affecting our lives.
In April – BTU presented “Jews for Jesus”, Christ in the Passover.
In May – the Senior and Angelic Choirs merged and became the Voices of Praise.
In August – The Political Action presented a forum with Congressman Steve Israel and his perspective on the future of social security.
The Revitalization Committee continues to work on the expansion and consolidation of the church campus. They had a meeting with the members of the congregation to brainstorm ideas for improvement of Church property.
In July the Youth Council celebrated their second Anniversary in their Annual Youth Rally after completing another year of activities strengthening them in all areas of their lives.
On August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf region, New Orleans, and parts of Mississippi. First Baptist Church helped in anyway that we could in financial donations, supplies, clothing, spiritual and prayerful support. We were able to directly help 3 families of our own membership. Later we bought gallons of bleach to ship to the affected area and phone cards and metro cards for those survivors that have remained in the New York area.
In September, the love donation for the Scholarship recipients was raised. Also in September the men’s and women’s bathroom in the front of the church were updated to handicapped accessible. In September the Town of Islip transferred the deed of property to the First Baptist Church thus preparing for the consolidation of the Church Campus.
Three (3) Deacons were ordained in the persons of Brothers Samuel Brown, Willie Hobbs and Lloyd Rose.
In November the Women’s Day Committee sponsored a Musical Extravaganza.


We continue to support the survivors of Hurricane Katrina with the Benevolent offering.
In May the Music Department exalted and worshipped our wonderful Lord in “A Night of Praise”
A Pastoral Recommendation was brought and approved in the business meeting to Ordain the following Ministers: Minister Margie Stewart, Minister Harriet Gilliam and Minister Gilbert Jason Bowles.
A Newsletter produced Quarterly by the First Baptist Church Revitalization Church Property Development Committee had it’s first publication.
On June 15, 2006 – First Baptist Church and the Town of Islip celebrated the Ribbon Cutting and Dedication of the Sunnybrook Harrison Avenue Realignment. One more step closer to the uniting of the First Baptist Church Campus.
First Baptist Church hosted a night of “Let the Healing Begin” sponsored by the Meet the Need Network. The event for Suffolk County was at First Baptist Church and the response was successful and appreciated by those persons affected by Hurricane Katrina.
The Youth On the Move for Christ continue to grow by leaps and bounds sponsoring many events to advance the Kingdom of God, making lasting friendships with other children in the area and having great fun and enjoying each other in the process. All the Glory goes to God. They celebrated their 3rd Anniversary, hosted a Gifts and Talents Night, Youth Revival, Fellowship Skating, Cultural and Ethnic Food Night, these are just some of the events that they sponsored.
First Baptist has prepared a website to be launched in coordination with its 88th Church Anniversary. The web address is


In April, First Baptist voted to have their 3rd Church Pictorial.


In January, Spanish Classes were offered to the fellowship taught by Sister Denise Riquelme.
In May, Pastor and Sis Brown retired after 34 years of dedicated service to First Baptist Church.
In June, Elder Harry L. Francis, Sr. was voted Interim Pastor of First Baptist Church of Bayshore, NY.
A new Program was started in the BTU, The Salt Program (Seven Areas of Life Training) a comprehensive discipleship series.
In November, the Church voted to ordain the following Walking Deacons: Deacon John Howerton, Deacon Ronald McDaniel, Deacon Harry Francis, Jr., Deacon Bobby Temple and Deacon Charles Younginer.
The First Food Harvest was held sponsored by the Youth On The Move for Christ, Men for Christ and The Food Pantry.


November, Began renovation on the parsonage


February, Installation of the Security System.
Food and Clothes Drive for Haiti lead by Sister Kaliah Greene.
July, Began renovation of the Food Pantry (Annex)


The Scholarship Committee recommended 16 students to receive college scholarships for the 2012-2013 school year.

April 2012

Rev. Dr. Daris Dixon-Clark was called, voted in, and installed as Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Bay Shore, New York.

October 2012

Busch and Associates presented their feasibility study for the building of a new building for the First Baptist Church of Bay Shore, NY.
Elder Xavier Goodwin was recommended as Associate Elder of First Baptist Church of Bay Shore, NY.
In conjunction with the Red Cross, the Food Pantry along with other volunteers distributed 400 meals after super storm Sandy.

January 2013

We partnered with St. Josephs College to bring important workshops to the church and community.
Ordination of Elder Frances L. Bell and the Licensing of Minister Bertram Martin, Minister Daphne Rose Beard and Minister Jasmine Miller.
The Family Ministry, sponsored by the Deacon Board is up and running.
The Security Team is up and functioning again with great success.

May 2013

The First Baptist Church Mission and Vision Statement was adopted:

Mission and Vision Statement
To introduce/present to all people Jesus Christ through our empowering Ministries by equipping the membership through the effective teaching and preaching of the Word to the glory of God.

June 2013

The revised Article 10 of the By-laws were adopted.
The First Baptist Church Ministry Organizational Church was adopted.
Pastor Clark celebrated his first Anniversary with the First Baptist Church