About Us

In 1918, Pastor D.W. Harold, Deacon Mahew, and Evangelist Luedesta Simon established The Bethany Baptist Church in Bay Shore. The first meeting was held in a rented tent in an open field. Sometime thereafter, a three week revival was held and in time other people joined the original founders. They met in Deacon Mayhew’s home for regular church services.
In 1920 four lots were purchased on Second Avenue for $450.00. Plans were drawn for the church building by Brother Eli Hicks. On September 16, 1921, they entered into the new church for its first service and dedication. Then in 1931 the church was incorporated and renamed The First Baptist Church of Bay Shore. For 98 years we have stood on the same location. To this day, only eleven men have served as the pastor of this church. Reverend D.W. Harold was the first pastor and Reverend Dr. Daris Dixon-Cark is our present pastor. Every Sunday we have two services, unless there is a special situation or occasion that allows just one service. We are determined to help win souls for our Savior Jesus Christ.
In our church program, we have places for the young and not so young. In addition to our regular church services we have the church doors open seven days a week. Young and not so young participate in the age appropriate choirs to sing to the glory of God. In addition to our Sunday service, we also have four different Prayer services a week. We have at least two educational components; one being Sunday School and the other being the Thursday Baptist Training Union. In these sessions we are taught about the Bible, the God of the Bible, his Son Jesus Christ our Savior, the Holy Spirit, Jesus’ love for us, and His purpose for our lives as well as what we believe as Baptists.

About the Pastor
Rev. Dr. Daris Dixon-Clark

Pastor 2015[1]Daris Dixon-Clark was born in the Tar Hill state of North Carolina to Bonnie S. Dixon and the late Andrew W. Clark. He was educated in the Greensboro Public Schools and later graduated from the Anacostia Sr. High in Washington, DC.

Daris Dixon-Clark graduated from Cheyney University of Pennsylvania where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. He then made a commitment to ministry by completing his Master of Arts in Theology at Northeastern Theological Seminary in Rochester, NY. On July 17, 2011 Rev. Dixon-Clark received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree from the St. Thomas Christian College and Theological Seminary of Jacksonville Florida.

Rev. Daris Dixon-Clark was ordained in the Gospel Ministry on December 11, 1988 in Philadelphia, PA and embarked on a career with the goal to provide emotional and spiritual support to individuals and families.

He began as a youth counselor and chaplain at New York State’s Louis Gossett Residential Center for Youth in Lansing, NY where he provided weekly Religious Services, Bible studies and counseling to residents. He then was appointed Senior Pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church, in Ithaca, NY. Daris Dixon Clark moved on to the Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church in Syracuse; and then to the historical Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Buffalo, NY.

On March 27, 2012 Rev. Dr. Daris Dixon-Clark was called to pastor the great congregation of the First Baptist Church of Bay Shore, NY. Since his arrival he has promoted partnership as the key to a healthy and successful church and community. The church has spun new life and growth and continues to be a beacon of light in the Bay Shore Community through its food pantry, political action committee, weekly bible study, prayer meeting and its spirited weekly worship services and other community activities.

Throughout his career Dixon-Clark has lead his congregations with an energetic spirit of enterprise mixed with hardheaded practicality. He has performed the good work of revitalizing the Women’s Ministry at the church called ‘Empower H.E.R.’ also a Marriage Ministry called’ Marriage Works Ministry’, and a mid-day bible study Class. Dixon-Clark believes if we are to be successful in ministry there must be an effort to address the totality of human need.

Rev. Dr. Daris Dixon Clark is deeply committed to the church and he knows that with God All Things are possible. His message and direction is clear, ‘with God on our side and the body of Christ working together we can reach the lost and strengthen the believer.’ His personal mission is to “glorify God through effective preaching and teaching of God’s Word and living a life that is a full
expression of his God given gifts.”

Officers of First Baptist Church of Bay Shore
Financial Secretary – TBD
Treasurer – TBD
Church Clerk – Sister Ruth Hite
Superintendent of Sunday School – Elder Bruce Edmonds